Insiders Symposium Monday 21 July Room 2144

Dear students, on Monday 21 July we are all meeting in Room 2144 at 9.30am sharp. We have an excellent list of guest speakers lined up for the morning, including the interior designer Alasdair Hood from Jasmax and Graeme Cunningham (architect). We will also be hearing from Summer Fitzgerald, a Unitec graduate currently working on a live project in K'Road and Kylie Giblin a recent graduate of our program who is currently enrolled in her Masters by project. In the afternoon we have a real treat in store. We will be visiting an exquisite house designed by Marshall Cook in Freemans Bay (we will be car pooling to get there) This is an absolutely extraordinary opportunity for all students so please ensure you are able to attend (and bring your sketch books with you!). Marshall has kindly agreed to speak about the project to us. After the site visit we will head back to Unitec and have drinks at Carrington's to celebrate the beginning of semester 2. I look forward to seeing you all then and hope that you have had an enjoyable break,
with best wishes,